Source code for structlog.twisted

# This file is dual licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version
# 2.0, and the MIT License.  See the LICENSE file in the root of this
# repository for complete details.

Processors and tools specific to the `Twisted <>`_
networking engine.

See also :doc:`structlog's Twisted support <twisted>`.

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

import json
import sys

from six import PY2, string_types
from twisted.python import log
from twisted.python.failure import Failure
from twisted.python.log import ILogObserver, textFromEventDict
from zope.interface import implementer

from ._base import BoundLoggerBase
from ._config import _BUILTIN_DEFAULT_PROCESSORS
from ._utils import until_not_interrupted
from .processors import JSONRenderer as GenericJSONRenderer

[docs]class BoundLogger(BoundLoggerBase): """ Twisted-specific version of `structlog.BoundLogger`. Works exactly like the generic one except that it takes advantage of knowing the logging methods in advance. Use it like:: configure( wrapper_class=structlog.twisted.BoundLogger, ) """
[docs] def msg(self, event=None, **kw): """ Process event and call ``log.msg()`` with the result. """ return self._proxy_to_logger("msg", event, **kw)
[docs] def err(self, event=None, **kw): """ Process event and call ``log.err()`` with the result. """ return self._proxy_to_logger("err", event, **kw)
[docs]class LoggerFactory(object): """ Build a Twisted logger when an *instance* is called. >>> from structlog import configure >>> from structlog.twisted import LoggerFactory >>> configure(logger_factory=LoggerFactory()) """
[docs] def __call__(self, *args): """ Positional arguments are silently ignored. :rvalue: A new Twisted logger. .. versionchanged:: 0.4.0 Added support for optional positional arguments. """ return log
_FAIL_TYPES = (BaseException, Failure) def _extractStuffAndWhy(eventDict): """ Removes all possible *_why*s and *_stuff*s, analyzes exc_info and returns a tuple of ``(_stuff, _why, eventDict)``. **Modifies** *eventDict*! """ _stuff = eventDict.pop("_stuff", None) _why = eventDict.pop("_why", None) event = eventDict.pop("event", None) if isinstance(_stuff, _FAIL_TYPES) and isinstance(event, _FAIL_TYPES): raise ValueError("Both _stuff and event contain an Exception/Failure.") # `log.err('event', _why='alsoEvent')` is ambiguous. if _why and isinstance(event, string_types): raise ValueError("Both `_why` and `event` supplied.") # Two failures are ambiguous too. if not isinstance(_stuff, _FAIL_TYPES) and isinstance(event, _FAIL_TYPES): _why = _why or "error" _stuff = event if isinstance(event, string_types): _why = event if not _stuff and sys.exc_info() != (None, None, None): _stuff = Failure() # Either we used the error ourselves or the user supplied one for # formatting. Avoid log.err() to dump another traceback into the log. if isinstance(_stuff, BaseException) and not isinstance(_stuff, Failure): _stuff = Failure(_stuff) if PY2: sys.exc_clear() return _stuff, _why, eventDict class ReprWrapper(object): """ Wrap a string and return it as the ``__repr__``. This is needed for ``twisted.python.log.err`` that calls `repr` on ``_stuff``: >>> repr("foo") "'foo'" >>> repr(ReprWrapper("foo")) 'foo' Note the extra quotes in the unwrapped example. """ def __init__(self, string): self.string = string def __eq__(self, other): """ Check for equality, just for tests. """ return ( isinstance(other, self.__class__) and self.string == other.string ) def __repr__(self): return self.string
[docs]class JSONRenderer(GenericJSONRenderer): """ Behaves like `structlog.processors.JSONRenderer` except that it formats tracebacks and failures itself if called with ``err()``. .. note:: This ultimately means that the messages get logged out using ``msg()``, and *not* ``err()`` which renders failures in separate lines. Therefore it will break your tests that contain assertions using `flushLoggedErrors < current/api/twisted.trial.unittest.SynchronousTestCase.html #flushLoggedErrors>`_. *Not* an adapter like `EventAdapter` but a real formatter. Also does *not* require to be adapted using it. Use together with a `JSONLogObserverWrapper`-wrapped Twisted logger like `plainJSONStdOutLogger` for pure-JSON logs. """ def __call__(self, logger, name, eventDict): _stuff, _why, eventDict = _extractStuffAndWhy(eventDict) if name == "err": eventDict["event"] = _why if isinstance(_stuff, Failure): eventDict["exception"] = _stuff.getTraceback(detail="verbose") _stuff.cleanFailure() else: eventDict["event"] = _why return ( ( ReprWrapper( GenericJSONRenderer.__call__(self, logger, name, eventDict) ), ), {"_structlog": True}, )
[docs]@implementer(ILogObserver) class PlainFileLogObserver(object): """ Write only the the plain message without timestamps or anything else. Great to just print JSON to stdout where you catch it with something like runit. :param file: File to print to. :type file: file object .. versionadded:: 0.2.0 """ def __init__(self, file): self._write = file.write self._flush = file.flush def __call__(self, eventDict): until_not_interrupted(self._write, textFromEventDict(eventDict) + "\n") until_not_interrupted(self._flush)
[docs]@implementer(ILogObserver) class JSONLogObserverWrapper(object): """ Wrap a log *observer* and render non-`JSONRenderer` entries to JSON. :param ILogObserver observer: Twisted log observer to wrap. For example :class:`PlainFileObserver` or Twisted's stock `FileLogObserver < FileLogObserver.html>`_ .. versionadded:: 0.2.0 """ def __init__(self, observer): self._observer = observer def __call__(self, eventDict): if "_structlog" not in eventDict: eventDict["message"] = ( json.dumps( { "event": textFromEventDict(eventDict), "system": eventDict.get("system"), } ), ) eventDict["_structlog"] = True return self._observer(eventDict)
[docs]def plainJSONStdOutLogger(): """ Return a logger that writes only the message to stdout. Transforms non-`JSONRenderer` messages to JSON. Ideal for JSONifying log entries from Twisted plugins and libraries that are outside of your control:: $ twistd -n --logger structlog.twisted.plainJSONStdOutLogger web {"event": "Log opened.", "system": "-"} {"event": "twistd 13.1.0 (python 2.7.3) starting up.", "system": "-"} {"event": "reactor class: twisted...EPollReactor.", "system": "-"} {"event": "Site starting on 8080", "system": "-"} {"event": "Starting factory <twisted.web.server.Site ...>", ...} ... Composes `PlainFileLogObserver` and `JSONLogObserverWrapper` to a usable logger. .. versionadded:: 0.2.0 """ return JSONLogObserverWrapper(PlainFileLogObserver(sys.stdout))
[docs]class EventAdapter(object): """ Adapt an ``event_dict`` to Twisted logging system. Particularly, make a wrapped `twisted.python.log.err < api/twisted.python.log.html#err>`_ behave as expected. :param callable dictRenderer: Renderer that is used for the actual log message. Please note that structlog comes with a dedicated :class:`JSONRenderer`. **Must** be the last processor in the chain and requires a *dictRenderer* for the actual formatting as an constructor argument in order to be able to fully support the original behaviors of ``log.msg()`` and ``log.err()``. """ def __init__(self, dictRenderer=None): """ :param dictRenderer: A processor used to format the log message. """ self._dictRenderer = dictRenderer or _BUILTIN_DEFAULT_PROCESSORS[-1] def __call__(self, logger, name, eventDict): if name == "err": # This aspires to handle the following cases correctly: # - log.err(failure, _why='event', **kw) # - log.err('event', **kw) # - log.err(_stuff=failure, _why='event', **kw) _stuff, _why, eventDict = _extractStuffAndWhy(eventDict) eventDict["event"] = _why return ( (), { "_stuff": _stuff, "_why": self._dictRenderer(logger, name, eventDict), }, ) else: return self._dictRenderer(logger, name, eventDict)