Source code for structlog.contextvars

# This file is dual licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version
# 2.0, and the MIT License.  See the LICENSE file in the root of this
# repository for complete details.

Primitives to deal with a concurrency supporting context, as introduced in
Python 3.7 as :mod:`contextvars`.

.. versionadded:: 20.1.0

See :doc:`contextvars`.

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

import contextvars

_CONTEXT = contextvars.ContextVar("structlog_context")

[docs]def merge_contextvars(logger, method_name, event_dict): """ A processor that merges in a global (context-local) context. Use this as your first processor in :func:`structlog.configure` to ensure context-local context is included in all log calls. .. versionadded:: 20.1.0 """ ctx = _get_context().copy() ctx.update(event_dict) return ctx
[docs]def clear_contextvars(): """ Clear the context-local context. The typical use-case for this function is to invoke it early in request- handling code. .. versionadded:: 20.1.0 """ ctx = _get_context() ctx.clear()
[docs]def bind_contextvars(**kwargs): """ Put keys and values into the context-local context. Use this instead of :func:`~structlog.BoundLogger.bind` when you want some context to be global (context-local). .. versionadded:: 20.1.0 """ _get_context().update(kwargs)
[docs]def unbind_contextvars(*keys): """ Remove *keys* from the context-local context if they are present. Use this instead of :func:`~structlog.BoundLogger.unbind` when you want to remove keys from a global (context-local) context. .. versionadded:: 20.1.0 """ ctx = _get_context() for key in keys: ctx.pop(key, None)
def _get_context(): try: return _CONTEXT.get() except LookupError: _CONTEXT.set({}) return _CONTEXT.get()